My Services

Consultation for Beginners

Google Meet / 60 minutes

If you are just starting your journey as a UX/UI designer:

  • Is this profession right for you?
  • Where to start, what skills are needed, which programs to learn?
  • What kind of portfolio is required?
  • How is the job market for beginners structured?
  • About soft skills and English;
  • Any other questions.

As a result – you will understand a plan for mastering a new direction.

Sign Up / 900 UAH

Consultation for Designers

Google Meet / 60 minutes

  • Your design process and how to improve it;
  • Weak aspects of your portfolio and how to enhance them;
  • What to do if you are the sole designer in a development team?
  • Steps to transition from freelancing to a salaried job;
  • Searching for a new job.

As a result – solving current issues, expanding horizons, and finding new sources of information, job vacancies, etc.

Sign Up / 900 UAH

Portfolio Review

Google Meet / 60 minutes

  • How to better present your portfolio in your case?
  • How to select projects for your portfolio?
  • Analysis of works, finding errors, and recommendations for their correction;
  • Tips for improving visuals;
  • Quality approach to selecting references;
  • How to update your portfolio?

As a result – understanding how to improve your current portfolio and create a new one.

Sign Up / 900 UAH

UI Design Mentorship

12 sessions / once a week

  • No more than 6 people in a group, without losing the quality of feedback;
  • Formulating a learning plan and homework assignments;
  • Preliminary check of homework in the form of comments in Figma;
  • Telegram chat for communication;
  • Joint video call in the evening for any questions, discussions, and assimilation of the material.

As a result – I will bring you to the Strong Junior level.

Sign Up / 900 UAH
Group up to 6 people

UX/UI Design Mentorship

From 6 to 12 sessions / once a week

  • Identifying needs and forming an individual learning plan (articles, videos, books, guides, etc.);
  • Formulating individual homework assignments and/or working on projects for the portfolio;
  • Preliminary check of homework in the form of comments in Figma;
  • Constant contact in Telegram;
  • Video call for any questions, discussion, and assimilation of the material.

As a result – improvement of current skills, portfolio update, preparation for job search.

Sign Up / 1400 UAH

Consultation for Business

Google Meet / 60 minutes

  • I will conduct an audit of your website;
  • I will identify the main problems and propose solutions;
  • I have extensive experience in e-commerce, but can also assist in other areas.

As a result – I will address all questions related to design for business.

Sign Up / 1000 UAH

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